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Nicholas Chambers – Saxophone, Clarinet, Piano Instructor

Nicolas Chambers, a West Georgia native, has played saxophone and piano for 15 years. While attending Bremen High School, Chambers performed in the District Honor and All State bands and traveled to the University of Georgia, Southern Oregon University, and Shell Lake, Wisconsin for saxophone workshops. During those workshops Chambers met and worked the saxophone professors from the Universit64102_592036694141360_1618782192_n 521679_516015361743494_150765418_ny of Minnesota, University of Iowa, University of Wyoming, and the University of West Georgia (UWG). Throughout his freshman and sophomore years at UWG, Chambers was a saxophone soloist with the Mount Holly Church’s praise team and worked with many of West Georgia’s most well respected performers. Chambers currently studies at Kennesaw State University (KSU) for a degree in

Jazz Performance. Over the summer semester of 2015, Nicolas studied with […]

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Johnathan Lackey

Johnathan Lackey teaches brass and woodwinds at Sandy Springs Music.
Jonathan has been blowing his horn since the age of 6!  A school band director for two Atlanta schools, he is a graduate of Clark University where he earned his Masters degree in Music Performance and Education. Jonathan’s ability to communicate and connect with his students is only one of the reasons his students are crazy about him.  Jonathan teaches all the brass and woodwind instruments and is widely considered one of the best and most educated musicians in Atlanta.

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