Brian Puleo – Guitar & Bass

Brian Puleo is a musician born and raised in Atlanta, Ga! He has been playing the guitar for 10 years and is currently attending the Atlanta Institute of Music. Brian began performing at a young age and worked his way up to building a career in music. He has performed with The X Factor’s finalist Rachel Potter, the Broadway Revival of “Evita,” as well as many local shows and performances. Brian has a passion for playing, but, he also has a passion for sharing the amazing feeling of playing music on an instrument. He finds great joy in teaching his students how to play the guitar. Brian would like for his students to have a great, fun, and educational experience when they come to guitar lessons!

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Jared Bryan

Jared Bryan has been playing and studying the guitar for over twelve years, and joined the SSM staff in the spring of 2005. Since earning his degree from AIM (Atlanta Institute of Music), Jared has dedicated himself to both his performing, and especially his teaching here at SSM. Jared’s specialty is rock, jazz, R&B, and he also has a deep-rooted love of funk. Jared teaches with the philosophy that the gift of music is in everyone and he strives to bring it out. Jared has toured across the south in numerous venues such as opening up for Cowboy Mouth and The North Mississippi All Stars.


Jared Bryan plays Paul Gilbert Solo Exercise