George Marlow – Guitar, Bass, Uke, Banjo Teacher

George Marlow teaches guitar, bass, banjo and ukulele. He started playing music at the age of 8 and received his degree from the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media in 2001. George is fluent in a variety of styles, including rock, jazz, blues, metal flamenco, classical, funk and reggae. He is motivated by sharing his knowledge of the universal language of music with his students of all ages. George has been teaching for over 15 years and is always excited to take his students on their musical journey. You can catch George performing around Atlanta as a solo musician and currently serves as the artist in residency at the Gypsy Kitchen in Buckhead.

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Sonny Houston

Sonny has been teaching students in Atlanta, and his native Kentucky, for over 25 years. An accomplished guitar, banjo, mandolin and fiddle player, Sonny has also been expanding his horizons by bringing in the styles of great swing players such as Django Reinhardt and Stephan Grapelli into his musical repertoire. Sonny is currently accepting bluegrass and folk/style guitar students.

Meet Sonny!

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